Jordan O' Jordan

Jordan O' Jordan

We're back from break! Jordan O' Jordan is a musician, songwriter, singer, and sexy scientist. Legit. On this episode, Jordan talks about his music and how science influences his art. 

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Who Else Inspires Jordan Besides all of the Queerdos Past Guests:

 N.K. Jemisin - author

Ursula K. Le Guin - author

Donna J. Haraway - author 

Joseph P. Traina - photographer

Dane Terry - songwriter & theater artist

Lonesome Leash - "one of the most striking performers" - one man band

Wizard Apprentice - Touring with Clyde Peterson

Ne Me Quitte Pas - Jacques Brel - Beautiful/pitiful French song


Jordan O' Jordan Bonus

Jordan O' Jordan Bonus

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Dayvee Wo